Monday, February 21, 2005

MMQB Review

Here are the five things I think I think about today's Monday Morning Quarterback column by Peter King:

1. King spends much of his column space explaining why it was correct for the Patriots to keep Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe. The rest of the football world came to that conclusion three years ago.

2. Which of these sentences did not find its way into today's column:

A: I can honestly report it's good to go through the day without your hands shaking.

B: That dog might have the best posture in canine history.

C: My last physical was a double glover.

The answer was C but I think A and B give you an idea of what kind of effort was put into today's column by Mr. King.

3. You say J.P. Losman and I say Akili Smith (3rd pick overall). The Bills need a veteran QB ready to step in - some one like Trent Dilfer or Jon Kitna. Just sayin'.

4. Today's column marked the return of Peter King talking about his daughter Mary Beth. Just when I thought it was a thing of the past, PK starts writing about his kids again. If I were Mary Beth and dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I'd say "I want you to stop writing about me in your columns!"

5. File this under - this is why some people think Peter King is clueless to how he comes off as a priviledged jerk:
Stopped by the Bil-Jac table, bought some doggie treats for Bailey the 5-year-old Golden Retriever, and the fellow behind the counter handed out a box of Bil-Jac dog food. I remembered Bil-Jac as the dog food that had the signage in old Cleveland Stadium, right behind the Dawg Pound.

"What we'd ask you to do,'' the pleasant man said, "is put a bowl of your regular dog food down, with a bowl of Bil-Jac alongside, and see which one the dog goes for." He pulled out a postage-paid postcard. "Then write back to us, telling us which your dog liked better, and we'll send you a coupon for more of our food.''

Sure, sure. Might be a little more work than I can handle on an off-day, Mr. Bil-Jac.

Probably not going to happen that way. The way Bil-Jac will be sampled by Bailey, I'm sure, is when I look to the bottom of the dog-food bin, see it's empty, and remember I've got the ol' Bil-Jac emergency supply.
You stopped at the both, the nice guy gave you something for free and you make a snide remark about it in your nationally read column? It would have taken less effort to fill out the damn card.

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