Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Manny Ramirez Trade

I've become resigned to the fact that certain Hall of Famer Manny Ramirez will be traded by the Red Sox. At this point it seems to be the best thing for everyone involved. The question is what the Red Sox will get in return?

I had plenty of drive time yesterday to think about it and I'd like to propose the following trade - Red Sox send Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers for outfielder JD Drew and pitching prospect Edwin Jackson.

New Dodgers GM Ned Coletti would get to make a splash while at the same time undoing a move by his predecessor (the signing of Drew to a 5-year $55 million contract) that wasn't very popular with the local press. Jackson was at one time the number one pitching prospect in all of baseball but the sheen has come off the last couple of years. Maybe former Dodgers pitching coach and current Red Sox pitching coach Dave Wallace can put Jackson back on track.

The knock on Drew is that he's fragile but maybe he's just been unlucky? Last year he played just 72 games after breaking his wrist after being hit by a Brad Halsey pitch. Drew is supposed to be healthy and ready for spring training. At the plate - Drew is about 75% the hitter Manny is but he's better on defense and the basepaths.

Manny would get to go to a West Coast team and the laid back Dodger fans certainly wouldn't be as fanatical as the Red Sox fans. The Red Sox would save quite a bit of money in the deal as well since Manny has 3-years and $57 million remaining while Drew has just 4-years and $44 million due to him.

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