Saturday, November 19, 2005

Notre Dame and Navy

Here's some must read material for this morning. It has to do with last week's Notre Dame / Navy football game.
With no time left on the clock and the outcome decided, this respectful gesture wasn't about Navy's football team; it was about Navy. It was a sobering reminder that what we just poured all of our energy into was just a game. Many times that's easy to forget at Notre Dame, where football lies in the hierarchy of priorities somewhere between inhaling and exhaling. While we can spend countless hours worrying about Sagarin rankings, passing efficiency, and Mark May, Navy has bigger fish to fry. We may claim that we must protect this house, but Navy must protect something way bigger.
I watched that game and I was struck by how the Notre Dame faithful heartily cheered the Midshipmen when they first came on the field. Peter Schroeder points out in his fine article that Charlie Weis gets "it". Last week it was clear that everyone at the game got "it".

HT Hugh Hewitt

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