Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Time Magazine's 2005 Person of the Year

Here are the odds on who will be Time Magazine's 2005 Person of the Year. I only listed those choices with 10 to 1 odds or better (odds via

The Iraqi People 2/1
Mother Nature / Natural Disasters 3/1
Valerie Plame 3/1
Google Founders 3/1
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi 3/1
New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region 4/1
Disaster Relief Workers/First Responders 4/1
Bono 5/1
Mahmoud Abbas / Ariel Sharon 6/1
Bloggers 7/1
Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush 8/1
Lance Armstrong 8/1
Patrick Fitzgerald 9/1
My Space 10/1
Jalal Talabani 10/1
Pope John Paul II 10/1

I think the top three choices would be either bloggers, the Google founders or Mother Nature (because of the hurricanes). George W. Bush is listed at 50/1 while his dad is listed at 8/1 because he's linked with Bill Clinton? Pope Benedict XVI is a 25/1 shot. Someone will have to explain to me why Bono is at 5 to 1 while the Pope and the President are long shots.

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