Thursday, January 07, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

According to the Rasmussen Poll 55% of people polled pick Alabama to win BCS Championship game while 37% say Texas will win. According to - 57% of bettors are taking Alabama -4 points while 43% of bettors are taking the points and Texas... A couple of Texas fans having some fun imitating Alabama fans... Terry Francona is moving Jacoby Ellsbury to left field and having Mike Cameron start in center. I wonder if moving Cameron to right and having JD Drew play left was considered. Cameron's arm is good enough for right field and having Drew play left could save some wear and tear on his often fragile body... Now I feel kinda bad - Cowbell girl is sight impaired... There were four main reasons that Robbie Alomar wasn't a first ballot Hall of famer; 1. some people are still upset about the spitting incident, 2. some people won't vote for anyone on their first ballot, 3. the recent AIDS rumor about Alomar (homophobia), and 4. some writers use their ballots for "look at me" moments (see Jay Marrioti and him not voting for anyone). I'd bet that for many who didn't vote for Alomar that these reasons overlapped... Terry Glenn joins the Maurice Clarrett Ohio State Alumni All-Stars... Heh heh - the Beatles doing a Marlboro cigarette commercial... Tweet of the day from @Erik_Seidel "Obama still not addressing the security breech that allowed Joan Rivers back in the US"... Interesting column by Pete Thamel on J.C. Percy, the anonymous Boise back-up who made the call to execute the fake punt... The Booby Hatch presents Suck It (probably NSFW)...

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