Saturday, January 09, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

The top Cleveland Indians prospects according to Baseball America. I find it interesting that they project Nick Hagadone to be their #1 starter and Justin Masterson to be their #3 starter in 2013. Those are the two players the Indians got from the Red Sox for Victor Martinez... You do so much better at poker if you stop doing things you know to be stupid. The same is true with life. Such a simple observation that could have such a profound impact on your life if you took it to heart... Heh heh - waaaaiiiitttt!!!!.... The beer can and Elvis were both introduced to the world 75-years ago. Coincidence or conclusive proof of aliens in our midst?... Wow - woman plays kazoo with her hoo-haa - yes her hoo-haaa... The wife of Moses was named Zipporah. It's kinda amazing how lost in history she has become. People literally know zip about Zipporah... Drew Brees writes eloquently about NFL vs. American Needle Supreme Court case in Washington Post. Nicely done. That Purdue education did not go to waste... Heh heh - great quote from Ian O'Connor "It would be pretty cool if Mark Sanchez said he didn't think Pete Carroll was ready to make the jump back to the NFL." Heard ESPN use it but Ian had it first... Tweet of the Day from @DrZibbs "If you asked someone from the #jerseyshore to point out a douchebag..who would they point to? Seriously"... Heh heh - sleep talking man... Who knew? Richard Nixon and Otis Nixon shared the same birthday...

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