Saturday, May 29, 2010

Message Boards vs Twitter

I used to follow things on a few different message boards. These are mostly sports oriented sites and not only did I read the threads - I also started my share of threads and contributed my fair share of posts. Now I find I hardly participate on these message boards anymore (on one I stopped posting altogether). There are a number reasons why this happened but it occurred to me this morning that a main reason is Twitter.

If you think of it - Twitter is basically a gigantic message board but you specifically follow only those who you want to follow. Unlike a message board where any moron with an opinion can clog up an otherwise interesting thread. The 140 character limit of Twitter also combines two of the characteristics of good posts - interesting and to the point. People you chose to follow must be interesting (or else you un-follow them) and the 140 character limit insures things are to the point. If additional info in needed or helpful then part of those 140 characters can be used for a hyperlink.

It's also not that I did this consciously - it's just that I only have so much time. Following things on Twitter took priority from the start. The more I followed Twitter - the less I was interested in the message boards. It also seemed that I wasn't alone as suddenly many of the posters on the message boards that I found interesting were suddenly posting less and less. I think Twitter was in large part responsible.

I wonder if anyone else has had this change in habits due to Twitter? Also as a reminder - keep following me here but also you can follow me on Twitter - @ALargeRegular.

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