Sunday, May 02, 2010

Player Comparison

Here's a player comparison that recently prang to mind. Both players were very highly rated college QB's who were both taken with the first pick of the NFL draft. Here's how these two compared through their first 3-years in the NFL:

Player A - 520 CMP / 1059 ATT / 49.1 CMP% / 6904 YDS / 40 TD / 58 INT
Player B - 324 CMP / 680 ATT / 52.1 CMP% / 4083 YDS / 18 TD / 23 INT

The players would seem similar with the exception that Player A got more playing time in his first 3-years in the league. Player A is Heisman winner Jim Plunkett who was less than stellar in his time in New England but who eventually flourished when he landed in Oakland. Plunkett is the only QB to win 2 Super Bowls who is not in the football Hall of Fame.

Player B is JaMarcus Russell who has also been less than stellar in his first 3-years in the league. I have to wonder if Al Davis is thinking about Jim Plunkett and maybe that's the reason Russell hasn't been released already.

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