Friday, October 01, 2010

Interesting Mike Silver Story

Reading through Mike Silver's latest NFL column when I came across this gem of a story:
While rookies are typically the prime candidates, credit-card roulette is not an uncommon resolution tool. I’ve even fallen victim, albeit with far less damage than Bryant incurred: Once, after a Chargers training camp practice, I ended up at Japengo, a La Jolla sushi hotspot, with way too many players at happy hour. A constant barrage of cocktails and raw fish ensued. Suddenly, someone looked at his watch and noticed that curfew was approaching, and the table cleared out like the waiter had just yelled, “Bad blowfish!” Before I knew what had hit me, Junior Seau had his arm on my shoulder and said, “Silv … you’ve got the check, right budddeeeee?” Fortunately my employer at the time, Sports Illustrated, was understanding of my desire not to disappoint one of the toughest men in football in his time of need. A year later I laughed upon learning that then-rookie quarterback Ryan Leaf – same sushi spot, same smooth Seau move – had declined the opportunity to take care of the tab. That got him on Seau’s bad side, and he soon managed to tick off Rodney Harrison and every other prominent Chargers player.
Short story but it helps explain why Mike Silver has great access in NFL locker rooms and why Ryan Leaf was such a douche loser.

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