Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brian Cox, Brian May, Brian Cox, Howard Jones and Bryan Cox

When I saw this article about a rock-star scientist, my first thought was "Hey what has Brian May, the Queen guitarist turned astrophysicist done now?"

Then when I saw the name of Brian Cox - my next thought was "The guy who originally played Hannibal Lecktor in the Manhunter movie, the guy who was the villain in the second X-Men movie?" Obviously I was wrong.

This Brian Cox I recognized from the show Wonders Of The Solar System on the Science Channel. It was a really interesting show but I never knew the host of the show's name until I read the article I linked above.

When I saw that Brain Cox was the keyboardist in a band called D:ream - I was honestly confused. First how do you pronounce the name of that friggin band? Is it "D" Ream or is it "Dream"? Secondly the article says their 1994 number 1 hit was Things Can Only Get Better but wait wasn't that a Howard Jones song from like 1985? I looked up the D:Ream song and honestly thought it was crap but then again what do I know? I mean after admitting that I enjoy the music of Howard Jones am I really in any position to judge?

I any case - make sure you read the linked article or I'll have this Bryan Cox kick your ass.

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