Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations about last night's Academy Awards.

Seeing the for some reason bald-headed Geoffrey Rush sitting behind Colin Firth I couldn't help but hope that for their next film together that Geoffrey Rush would play Colonel Klink while Colin Firth would play Colonel Hogan in a movie version of Hogan's Heroes... OK I'll say it - Gwyneth Paltrow the singer is to Gwyneth Paltrow the actress what Chris Gaines was to Garth Brooks... Peter O'Toole was nominated for Best Actor 8 times. He never won... Good for Christian Bale for winning Best Supporting Actor but he's really a leading actor while John Hawkes is the perfect supporting actor in my opinion. This is like Ichiro playing on a Triple A team just so he can win the International League Batting Title. Speaking of Hawkes - I wonder if he makes an appearance on Justified this season (reuniting Sol Star and Seth Bullock)... If the Oscars really want a Bob Hope type to host then they should get Rich Eisen from the NFL Network. Eisen started off as a stand-up comedian and he's always reminded me of Bob Hope... Billy Crystal is about to turn 63 in March but I'm guessing next year he'll look older than Kirk Douglas... OK I'll say it! Oprah has humongous boobs! Yeah boobs!... Last night they had a piece on people's favorite songs from Oscar winning movies. They never mentioned mine. My favorite movie song was It Puts the Lotion in the Basket from Silence of the Lambs (the Musical)... My WTF moment last night was when Cate Blanchette saying The Lord of the Rings would have been unimaginable without the person who did the makeup. Personally my imagining of the book was much better than what ended up on screen. I'm guessing that's the same for any LOTR fan... OK I'll say it! Am I the only one who forgot that Kirk Douglas was still alive?... Gabriel Byrne would make a great Oscars host but he's not hip enough. Too bad for some reason ABC thinks they have to cater to people who think Paddy Chayefsky is some sort an expensive Scotch whiskey. That's why we get James Franco... Did you know that Orson Welles did not win Best Actor for Citizen Kane and neither did Humphrey Bogart for Casablanca?

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