Thursday, March 03, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Ted Gundy is now my favorite sniper. Seriously cool. Good for him... Someone should redo the Rolling Stones classic Sympathy for the Devil with new lyrics making it Sympathy for Charlie... I may have missed it but have the Wisconsin union protesters or the missing State Senators offered any solutions of their own to the Wisconsin debt problem? Or are they just for the status quo? Unbelievable... RIP, Henry Africa, creator of the 1st fern bar. Very cool story. He also had a bar named after Eddie Rickenbacker - very cool indeed... Another good song remake for Charlie Sheen would be Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love which easily could be changed Addicted to Charlie. Bonus is you could have the "goddesses" in the background just like the original music video... The Joe Posnanski story on the dying Nick Charles is must reading. Very sad but it seems like Nick Charles has led a very full life... Charlie was the beloved unicorn who went to candy mountain and got his kidney stolen. That's not winning... The Minty Goodness of the Shamrock Shake is back! Yay green poop!... Does Charlie surf? I was told he does not... Jimmy Fallon's Charlie Sheen is truly great. Funny but I can't remember Fallon doing any impressions on SNL but his Neil Young and now Charlie Sheen impressions have been spot on...

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