Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

The Michael Smith podcast may be the best one Bill Simmons has ever done. MUST listening for Celtics or NBA fans. Great insight into the league and the tail-end of the original Big 3 era in Boston... Sam Simon makes a good point - as out of control as Charlie Sheen has been as an actor he still will never top the antics of John Wilkes Booth... I wonder if Tim McCarver's two-year extension is just a holding pattern for FOX waiting for Derek Jeter to retire?... Phil Collins retired because Cincinnati would not trade his concert dates to a more competitive city... Heh heh - speaking of Bill Simmons... Never noticed this before but Ray McKinnon who was Reverend Smith in Deadwood also plays Coach Cotton in The Blind Side... According Yahoo! Sports Jim Tressel knew of Pryor's memorabilia sale in April 2010, which would be a possible major NCAA violation. As an aside - I can't help but wonder just for perspective what were the costs of the Federal, Ohio St and NCAA investigations vs the total amount of the $7,500 players received for selling some of the things they owned. The NCAA makes these bizarre scenarios possible through their rules. How strange will it be if a Championship winning coach is fired because of a tattoo artist?... I get sick of people who mention that David Duke ran for office as a Republican. How come they never mention that Fred Phelps (the Westboro Baptist Church uber douchebag) ran for office as a Democrat?... The TV ads for Bob Seger's Boston appearance show clips of him from the 80's and 90's ignoring fact that he now looks like a modern Burl Ives... Call me immature but every time I see "Jeter in the 2-hole" I have to laugh...

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