Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

The things you learn on the Internet - Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay for the first Toy Story. Well that's partially correct - four people got credit for the story and four people (including Whedon) got credit for the screenplay... I'm linking to this because it contains the words "enormous vagina dug out of sand on Coney Island"... Make no mistake - Florida choked yesterday. They had much more raw talent than Butler but they choked... Chipper Jones needs just 1 run scored for 1506 in his career which would tie Mike Schmidt for 68th place all-time. There's no doubt in my mind that Chipper Jones is a Hall of Fame player.. According to - the most similar batter by age to Jose Bautista is Mack Jones who last played in 1971 and who never made an all-star team. If Bautista does hit more than 35 HR this season - boy will those 54 HR from last season stick out like a sore thumb... The things you learn on the Internet (Part II) - "A May 1967 Gallup Poll found almost twice as many Americans supported nuking North Vietnam as supported withdrawal"... Jeff Ross certainly looked like an autotonsorialist in that Trump Roast... I've said it before but CBS is missing a huge opportunity if they don't replace Katie Couric with Strong Bad... I don't think Raylan Givens has shot and killed a single person in this season of Justified - you know that will change soon... The things you learn on the Internet (Part III) - "Last year, the US Mint reported a loss of $42.6 million on the production of pennies and nickels"... Speaking of Justified - I believe you have my stapler

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