Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day - Red Sox Magic Number 163

Yay Opening Day! I will gorge myself on baseball today. Either ESPN or the MLB Network will be on in my office all freaking day baby! I may even go out for a cigar and a few beers later if I'm productive and need to reward myself.

The Red Sox don't play today but like every other team on Opening Day their Magic Number is 163. Unlike a team like the Pirates, however, it may not be too early to start keeping track of the Magic Number for the Red Sox (Pirate fans on the other hand can start tracking who they think Pittsburgh should take with the first pick in the draft).

In baseball when you mention the number 163 some people think of Lou Gehrig's career 163 triples or Cowboy-up Kevin Millar's career 163 home runs. Me? When I associate baseball and the number 163 - I always think of the fact that in 1978 Jim Rice played in all 163 games for the Red Sox (the regular 162 games plus the Bucky "F-ing" Dent game with the Yankees).

Happy Opening Day everybody!

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