Saturday, April 09, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

My thoughts on Manny Ramirez "retiring"? Manny made over $200 million in his career. Owners and general managers were happy to pay him even though many must have had suspicions. Now he gets to enjoy that money but he doesn't get a spot in the Hall of Fame... Just saying but if Tiger wins the Masters he is sooo getting laid Sunday night... Well played, Dewey Decimal system... If Freddy Couples wins this year's Masters at age 51 - is that a bigger deal than Jack Nicklaus winning at age 46?... The situation with Manny Ramirez just makes me sad for guys like Fred McGriff. I think he's one of the real victims of steroid abusers. Yes I don't know for sure that the Crime Dog wasn't also injecting but I'm pretty damn sure he wasn't... Am I the only one who reads the NFL headlines about Judge Nelson and thinks the story will somehow be about Judd Nelson and a Breakfast Club sequel?... Not right now. Batman is busy!... I haven't seen the Rebecca Black Friday video nor the 2 Girls 1 cup video and God willing I never will... Have you seen that Viagra commercial where the guy has a classic car with an overheating radiator? He fixes the problem by just pouring in some bottled water. In real life wouldn't steam have blow up in his face or the radiator cap have burned his hand at the very least?... This was silly but it makes me smile every time...

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