Friday, April 29, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I haven't seen any of the Royal Wedding but I have caught some of the snark about it on Twitter. I can't help but be reminded of Alexis de Tocqueville who was shocked by how just any guy would be referred to as "Sir" in American society... The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the NFL made the Vikings take Christian Ponder at 12 to insure nobody would collect that $10 million for having the first round correct... I still think Two and a Half Men should replace Charlie Sheen with Ellen DeGeneres and just pretend nothing happened just like they did with the Darren's in Bewitched... John Elway is a fan of traditional type QB's so I have to wonder if the Jaguars took Blaine Gabbert because a deal is in place to trade him to the Broncos for Tim Tebow once NFL allows player trades... Derek Lowe was arrested for DUI last night... If you played the Jon Gruden "This Guy" drinking game - you would have been hammered before Jacksonville picked Gabbert. He must have had between 75 and 100 "This Guys" last night... ABC should re-make the TV show Barney Miller with Dave Attell playing the lead role and with Abe Vigoda reprising his role as Fish... Kansas City should have a Royals Weddings promotion for rest of season. Renting out the boxes/suites next to dugouts has to be about the same price as renting a hall. Allow a 15 minute ceremony on the field before the game. This would be a winner if the PR person in charge had thought ahead... In my mind I pictured Jeff Fisher watching the NFL Draft at home with beer shooting through his nose learning of the Jake Locker to the Titans pick... Knock knock. Who's there? Control freak. Now, this is the point where you say "Control freak who?"... I think the Cleveland Browns really got the best of that trade that landed the Falcons Julio Jones. The Falcons gave up the 27th, 59th, and 124th 2011 picks plus a 2012 1st and a 2012 4th round pick for a WR with health questions... I know my ass from my elbow but I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between a castle and a keep... I think one thing that really could have helped the NFL Draft last night would have been ESPN getting comments from a guy dressed as a giant Mr. Potato-head and pretending to be Mike Holmgren... Back in 1978 Robin Yount held out from Spring training because he needed to decide if he wanted to be a pro baseball player or a pro golfer... Over / under for Cam Newton interceptions next season has to be around 20 - right?... Sick bastard... There should be a word to describe the act of drinking the milk straight from the bowl after you have eaten the cereal... As a symbolic gesture - whatever NFL team wins the Super Bowl this year should vote Judge Nelson a full playoff share... Bobcat on a Saguaro!... The things you learn on the Internet (via Mental Floss): "The wife of Atlanta Hawks GM Pat Williams had a baby on draft day in 1974. To celebrate, Williams drafted his son in the 10th round."

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