Friday, May 20, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Do you get the feeling that the Yankees management just wants to be rid of Jorge Posada? Here's a thought if that's true - if Jorge Posada continues to struggle then Yankees management should raffle off chances for a lucky fan to pinch hit for Posada in games that are out of reach one way or another (up or down by 4 runs after the 7th inning). The Yankees could charge $5 per ticket in the raffle and use that money to help pay Posada's $13 million salary... Yesterday I mentioned Donald Rumsfeld saying leaks about Osama bin Laden raid will make future raids more dangerous for soldiers and as if to illustrate that very point - Leon Panetta sends out memo warning CIA staff against leaks and of course the memo leaks... Trivia - the silent one in Penn and Teller duo changed his name from Raymond Joseph Teller to just Teller - he's the Madonna of magic... This is the greatest police report of all time (HT Baseball Crank)... Justin Verlander has made 10 starts this season - each of which was a quality start. Yet his record in those games is just 4-3 and the Tigers' record in those games is just 4-6... I laughed at this - you may find it tasteless: Can pregnant women go swimming?

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