Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Arrowhead Walker Case

The FBI and another big federal bureaucratic behemoth raid dozens of homes of unsuspecting citizens thinking they are actors in a Indiana Jones meets John Grisham novel where the bad guys are running an extensive black-market network dealing with American Indian antiquities. Of course it was all was based on what looks like the fantasy of one man:

All 24 of the government's cases hinged on the work of Gardiner, an artifacts dealer who secretly recorded more than $335,000 in purchases over two years from people later accused of digging, collecting, selling or trafficking in artifacts taken from federal and tribal lands.

In March 2010, three weeks before the 52-year-old Gardiner was scheduled to testify, he committed suicide at his home near Salt Lake City.

You would think that at least one adult at the FBI or the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) would have said "Maybe we should have more than just the word of a former substance abuser with a history of mental health issues who needed a government paycheck before we commit lots of government resources and raid the homes of prominent local citizens." But maybe asking any government official to think like a responsible adult is asking too much these days.

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