Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gary Johnson and Tonight's GOP Debate

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson now is now polling at 1% and will thus be included in tonight's Fox News - Google Republican debate. I honestly think that the rise in Johnson's visibility is mainly due to the profile of him that was recently in Outdoor Magazine.

Skeptics may say well if what you are saying is true then 100 profiles of Johnson should get him to 100% in the polls. That's silly - of course. I really do think that the Outdoor profile is responsible and I wonder if anyone has asked Johnson if he agrees.

In an article in today's Wall Street Journal - Karl Rove makes an interesting point that four years ago at this point of the campaign Rudy Giuliani was the leading GOP candidate at 28% while Fred Thompson was second at 23%. They of course faded. Will we see similar drop-offs this time around? Is it better to be a lower in the polls dark-horse like Gary Johnson at this point than one of the front-runners? Is this why Sarah Palin is waiting to enter the fray?

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