Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Just as a reminder - before the season started I predicted that Mike Napoli would have a big season offensively. I predicted that he would do as well or better than Victor Martinez. I did not predict that he would be playing almost into November though... Magicians deal in sleight of hand while comedians deal in sleight of wits... Here's your feel good story for the day. I know both coaches involved and can say for a fact that they are both class acts... The last time the McRib was out Steve Rushin had a funny line where he said, "In span of 12 days, McRib and McNabb both discontinued." How funny is it that the line still applies just with McNabb being discontinued by new team... Cool update on what 2005 WSOP runner-up Steve Dannenmann is up to... As a reminder - "Britney Spears" is an anagram for "Presbyterians"... Has anyone had a more complete fall from public grace than Pat O'Brien? He must not have made many friends on the way up the ladder... The Human Torch was denied a bank loan... One of my tests for politicians is whether people who would wear giant paper mache heads would support them. If yes then I don't like the guy.

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