Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations on the day after Christmas.

Happy birthday to Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk... Have you seen those Subway ads where the hot girls will be your "girlfriend" in exchange for a sandwich? I'd like to work there. Sandwich whores sure are a hell of a lot cheaper than coke whores... You never see lumps of sugar anymore. When did lumps of sugar fade into history? Now you just have packets of sugar. You would think the eco-freaks would go after this change... I like to think that the NAPA-know-how commercials are about how to give oral to African-American women because otherwise it is just two guys serenading each other about auto parts which is twice as weird and not in a good way... OK - I'll say it! The Patriots have 3 QB's on their roster who are probably better than Mark Sanchez. Tom Brady obviously is better but Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett are probably better too... Do Italian children write Dear Sinatra letters the way others write Dear Santa letters?... Norv Turner would have had this Jets team in the playoffs...