Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mark Sanchez by the Numbers

Is Mark Sanchez a good QB? I have to say no and the numbers agree with me.

In QB rating - Sanchez is 22nd in the NFL with a 79.5 rating - just below Tarvaris Jackson.
In passing yards he's 15th in the NFL but when it comes to yards per game he's a miserable 24th.
Sanchez is a respectable 8th in TD's passes but he's also 7th in interceptions.
In the other bad things category - Sanchez is tied for 5th in sacks, 6th in fumbles and 1st in fumbles lost.

Those numbers just don't add up to equal a winning equation. As a Patriots fan - I hope they stick with Sanchez. Them getting a Kellen Moore in the mid rounds of the draft and him becoming their Tom Brady is what I'd fear. But the way the team is managed my guess the only way something like that happens would be by accident.