Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Simon Pegg

Dear Simon Pegg,

Last night I went to your newest movie The World's End. I think you owe me $22.50!

I'm sorry but that movie was horrible. I was tempted to walk out but I kept hoping t would get better, that there might be one big belly-laugh that would salvage the movie in some degree but I waited in vain. I seriously rooted for you and your mates to get to the World's End just so the movie would be over.

There have been just two times in my life that I have walked out of a movie. Last year I walked out on Ruby Sparks. That movie was "critically acclaimed" but I found it beyond lame and tedious. In high school I walked out of an abomination of a movie called Basket Case. My date picked that movie and I then picked the option not to have another date with her.

What gets me is the ridiculous high ratings the three movies I linked to above get on IMBD. The World's End is currently at a 7.1 out of 10; Ruby Sparks is a solid 7 while Basket Case is at 6 out of 10 (I was sure it would be no higher than a 2 or a 3). Who is doing the rating at IMBD?

I guess I'm most disappointed because I'm a fan of your work Mr. Pegg. The movies Hot Fuzz and Paul were funny in a way I expected The World's End to be. I was disappointed when it wasn't even close.

Buy me a case of beer and we'll call it even.

Chris Lynch
Disappointed Moviegoer

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  1. The ratings on IMDB are fanboi magnets, apparently. My brother was in a terrible Hallmark movie (a small part) that when it aired, had a rating of 9, based on 47 votes.