Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I really have no interest in the Sochi Winter Olympics but that would change if someone like the NFL Network got Randy Moss and Willie McGinest to do commentary on events like curling, figure skating, ski jumping, etc. I'd watch that 24/7... Cool - Hindenburg flies over Manhattan in 1936... Only 55 days until MLB Opening Day... Very cool sunset... Tom Brady is 3-2 in his Super Bowls but those 2 losses came by a combined 7 points. Think about that Peyton Manning fans... I'm looking forward to Cosmos. Really looking forward to it... Prop bet for next year's Super Bowl - will the outside temperature at kickoff be higher or lower than Peyton Manning's Super Bowl QB rating (73.5). I'd go with the over... I agree that this is the worst way to die... How would Batman at his athletic peak have done in the Olympic Decathlon? Gold Medal - right? I can't suspend belief in a Super hero how would lose to Bruce Jenner... Maybe a better question would be could Batman at his athletic peak beat Mark Twain at wrestling? Here's shirtless Mark Twain in 1863 when Twain would have been 28-years old...


  1. Hard to believe that pic is from when Twain would have been 28 years old. Looks 50+ in that pic.

  2. I did the math wrong at first and thought he was 48. I keep looking at that picture and in my head Twain is saying, "Which way to the gun show!"