Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Woody Allen

Let me say this right up front - I think Woody Allen is a fucking creep.

Like many I thought his early movies like Sleeper were funny but he stopped being funny a long time ago and I never bought into his pseudo-intellectual artiste crap. Interiors may be the single worst move I've ever seen. It is mind-bending to me that people still defend this real world Uncle Roy because of the artistic merits of his movies. I hope those defenders read this Esquire article about Woody hiding his creepiness is plain sight in his movies.

Or maybe read the last paragraph of this 1976 People interview and see how enjoyable Manhattan remains as a movie. An interview in which he announces his predilection to pre-pubescent girls which happened a decade BEFORE he "allegedly" molested Dylan Farrow.

Of course Woody, like Roman Polanski, will still have his Hollywood defenders. Craven souls who defend Allen out of hopes to someday work with the master. I would love a SNL-like skit where the Alec Baldwins of the world after an audition would have to allow Allen to over-night babysit their children at his Manhattan-Land Ranch  in order to get a part. Sadly I think we know that plenty in Hollywood would probably be only too happy to take that risk if it meant even a chance of furthering their careers.

Perhaps the best take I've seen on this creep was by Molly Lambert at Grantland. Well worth the read - if your stomach can take any more reading about the fucking creep named Woody Allen.


  1. Amen! However, scum like Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters will still defend behavior from famous creeps that they would denounce if committed by a "nobody." His defenders are just as disgusting as him as they give license to him and others of his ilk to do such things as long as they are "artists."

  2. Disgusting is right. Sickening