Sunday, March 29, 2015

Obamacare and RoundUp

You may have seen the story of the Monsanto "lobbyist" who claims that the RoundUp chemical glyphosate is safe to drink but then refuses to drink it himself saying, "I'm not stupid."

The "lobbyist" has generated lots of derision on the Internet and rightly so. However, what I can't stop thinking about is how is this man any different from the Democrats in Congress who passed Obamacare and then demanded the President grant Congress a waiver from having to follow that same law they passed without ever having read? They couldn't bring themselves to drink the same cool-aid they were selling to the rest of the country. Like the "lobbyist" they were in effect saying "they aren't stupid."

Where's the derision? At least people can chose not to buy RoundUp but Obamacare is a mandate.

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