Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Where Do Lab Rats Come From?

Where do the white lab rats and mice come from? Think about it. Are they some sort of snow rodents? I don’t think so. They are probably some sort of genetic anomalies. I think scientists should have to note that fact in their findings. Instead of reading something like, “Scientists find that excessive caffeine causes cancer in lab mice” – the report should read, “Scientists find that excessive caffeine causes cancer in genetically altered rodents.” Makes a difference on your reaction doesn't it? 


  1. Lab rats come from Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor. ;-)

  2. I actually knew that. But if you think about it - it makes it worse! So the lab rats come from a cold island off the Maine coast where the humans breeding them live in an environment of little sunlight, lots of cold and are almost constantly wet before they get to work. No wonder these rats' bodies develop cancer! They are trying subconsciously to kill themselves!

    If the rats came from Aruba do you think anything would give them cancer?