Sunday, July 19, 2015

Foo Fighters

Went to see the Foo Fighters last night at Fenway Park. It was agreat concert. They opened up with guitars wailing and the crowd screaming. I took that opportunity to fart. Really just let it loose. Nobody was able to hear it above the noise. So for the first few songs of the night the girls behnd me were fighting my foo.

Dave Grohl from his throne said last night that Queen's performance at Live Aid was the apex of rock. Re-watching it is hard to argue against him.

One of the few cover songs they played last night was AC/DC's Let There Be Rock. You don't hear that song much any more.

Looking at the two live performances videos above - you can really see where the Foo Fighters are coming from.


  1. way to stay classy Chris. :-)

    Live Aid was the 80's generation Woodstock. Was U2 any better?

  2. The fart made me laugh - so I thought I'd share.

    U2's Bad was also what I think of when Live Aid is mentioned but who am I to argue with Dave Grohl?