Friday, January 08, 2016

My Top Movies of 2015

This post was inspired by Stephen Silver ranking the movies he saw in 2015. He saw 162 films last year - I saw much, much fewer. Anyways - here's my rankings of the movies I saw in 2015:

1. Mad Max Fury Road - start to finish just what you wanted from a turn off your brain and enjoy the thrill ride expectations.
2. Ant-Man - really enjoyed this (even saw it twice in theaters)
3. Kingsman: The Secret Service - thought this movie was surprisingly fun and action packed.
4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - just thought the movie was OK. Not a huge fanboy and the planetary physics bugged me (still do)
5. Road Hard - this Adam Carolla flick was the best comedy I saw in 2015
6. Trainwreck - was OK. Not in my Top 10 comedies of all-time or anything (and I suspect we may look back at this as the point where Amy Schumer ceased to be funny)
7. Winning: the Racing Life of Paul Newman - Newman was an exemplar of what every man should strive to be like
8. The Wrecking Crew - I have a soft spot for rock documentaries
9. Avengers: Age of Ultron - I had such high expectations too
10. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
11. Going Clear - Scientology is so creepy
12. Call Me Lucky - Barry Crimmins touching story
13. Tig - I watch some comedy specials multiple times - not this one

I also walked out of the movie The Drop because I thought it was awful. Have some friends who say the ending was worth the slow build. I wanted to see but missed Ex Machina. Black Mass was on my list of movies I wanted to see but friends said if you read the book the movie was a disappointment.

Any movies that came out in 2015 that you think are must-sees?

EDIT: left off two movies.


  1. Mr. Holmes was excellent. The best movie I saw was probably The Martian. Definitely a must-see.

  2. Glad to hear Mr. Holmes was good. Will find time to watch that soon. Not sure if I should read the book The Martian first though.