Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Claude Julien

So last week the Boston Bruins fired head coach Claude Julien, then this past weekend under new interim Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy Boston beats the Montreal Canadiens 4-0, and then yesterday Montreal named Claude Julien their new head coach. What a long short strange trip it's been!

When Julien was let go by the Bruins I wished him well in his next coaching job as did many. But we didn't know that next job was going to be with the Canadiens! Even still I wish Claude nothing but the best (unless Boston meets Les Habs in the playoffs then I wish him an awful stomach flu).

When I was a kid the Bruins were kings and the rivalry between the Bruins and Canadiens was as big or bigger than the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees. Over the years that rivalry has dulled to the point where I'm guessing not many Boston sports fans were even aware the Bruins were playing the Canadiens last Sunday.

Here's to hoping Claude Julien helps rekindle that spirit of rivalry. I miss it.

Good luck coach!

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