Monday, February 27, 2017

Darrelle Revis

While we are waiting to hear what the legal outcome will be for Darrelle Revis knocking out two guys in Pittsburgh and if the NFL will do anything about the fact that the Jets ABSOLUTELY tampered with Revis prior to him being a free agent - I thought I'd look back on a couple of predictions I made two seasons ago.
If you are into player comparisons think of Revis signing with the Jets this way; they basically just got Deion Sanders age and performance-wise during the last 4 years of his career. There was no fifth year because Deion was cooked by then.
Looks like old and washed up Deion Sanders would have been a best-case scenario. Revis may be done with the Jets after just 2-seasons.

And a prediction I made prior to the 2015 season:
Darrelle Revis will not make either first team NFL All Pro or second team All Pro. If he makes it on the Pro Bowl team it will because of his past performance. Revis was beat often in the playoffs last season (Steve Smith Sr. abused him) something not lost on the Patriots or more important on the rest of the NFL (except the Jets).
Turns out that he did make the Pro Bowl in 2015 on reputation alone but did not sniff an All Pro selection in either of the past two years.

Bill Belichick absolutely made the right decision to let Revis scurry away to New York. Once again showing why the Patriots are the Patriots and the Jets are the Jets.

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