Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Patriots Super Bowl Victors

Recently I wrote about how Pats fans were not all that worked up about the Atlanta Falcons. There's absolutely no rivalry there. In reality is pretty much the opposite. Matt Ryan is a Boston College icon and the Falcons front office is pretty much Patriots South. Playing and honestly all Pats fans just  assumed beating them wasn't personal just business.

The real rivalry was with Roger Goodell and the NFL. And a better Godfather quote to explain the situation was "today we settled all family business."

Robert Kraft said that this fifth Super Bowl victory was "extra special" and all Pats fans knew exactly what he mean although it's not clear if the doofus handing him the Lombardi Trophy had a clue. And speaking of Goodell - did anyone hear his speech in presenting the trophy to Kraft? I didn't and not just because I was drunk at the time but also because of all the boos drowning out what the ass-monkey was trying to articulate.

Pretty sure neither Tom Brady nor Bill Belichick heard Goodell's speech either. They were too busy talking and joking around in the background. No respect was shown to the Commissioner because no respect has been earned by the Ginger C*nt.

Upon receiving the Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady may have had a subtle message for the Commissioner. Upon arriving back in Boston, Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia had a much less subtle message for the team's feelings toward Goodell. And at today's victory parade don't be surprised if chants of "Goodell sucks!" and other forms of Goodell based bashing are commonplace.

Sunday night the Patriots settled all family business. All that's left is the gloating.

EDIT: Heh heh


  1. heh! so you sobered up enough to post, eh?

    I am not a pats fan, but I was there to cheer on brady. what a comeback!

  2. I told people I was sailing to blackout island and damn it - I was a man of my word!!