Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The 20 Greatest Americans

Today was the anniversary of the death of Alexander Hamilton the day after his fatal duel with Aaron Burr. Hamilton was number 10 on my list of the 20 Greatest Americans

20) William Tecumseh Sherman
19) Douglas MacArthur
18) Dwight Eisenhower
17) Albert Einstein
16) Henry Ford
15) Martin Luther King Jr.
14) Alexander Graham Bell
13) Thomas Edison
12) John Adams
11) Ulysses S. Grant
10) Alexander Hamilton
9) Teddy Roosevelt
8) Tom Paine
7) Andrew Jackson
6) Ronald Reagan
5) James Madison
4) Ben Franklin
3) Thomas Jefferson
2) Abe Lincoln
1) George Washington

Am I missing anyone?

EDIT: Realized I did not have Eisenhower on the list so I removed George S. Patton at 18 and put Ike in his place.


  1. I must disagree on Mr. Sherman:

    And I must confess that I'm not a fan of Mr. Lincoln, either:

  2. Sherman was an interesting character. He was actually the President of what's now LSU before the war. He understood that war is hell and also understood that unless the civilians learned that lesson more and more men would die needlessly on the battlefield. I became a fan of his after reading the book The Soul of Battle.

    Understand Lincoln is still divisive but his impact on history cements his place.

    Felt strange about putting Einstein on the list since he was a naturalized citizen but I guess same could be said of Hamilton.

  3. Crap - just realized that I don't have Eisenhower on the list