Thursday, July 27, 2017

The LeBron James Dilemma

So who would you rather have - LeBron James for one year or Kyrie Irving for three years? That's basically the situation facing the Cavaliers right now since it seems clear the two players can no longer coexist on the same time.

The best answer for Cleveland to this dilemma, in my opinion, is probably to trade James to the Lakers for a package of Brook Lopez, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle plus a future first round pick. The salaries match up so no problem there. The Cavaliers could then flip one or a couple of their assets (Ingram, Randle or Kevin Love) to better craft a competitive roster. It should also be noted that Lopez's $22.6 million contract expires at the end of the year which gives them some flexibility going forward.

This trade would be good for the Lakers because they get LeBron freaking James without having to wait a year. Besides with James in the fold either Ingram or Randle would have had to have been moved anyway. If Paul George chooses LA after next season then both Randle and Ingram would probably have to me moved anyway.

Everyone "knows" LeBron James wants to go to the Lakers - it's the worst kept secret in the NBA. Cleveland should trade him now to get something for him instead of waiting and getting nothing (once again). Dan Gilbert could very publicly offer LeBron a super-max extension and if LeBron does not sign - boom do the trade.

This trade would be good for the Celtics since their path to the NBA Finals would be much easier with LeBron out of the Eastern Conference. Yes it would hurt Boston in the sense that they own the Lakers first round pick next year if it's the 2nd though 5th pick in the draft and no team with LeBron is going to be that bad. Big deal - that just means Boston gets Sacramento's unprotected 2019 first round pick instead.

Do the trade Cleveland. Do the trade!

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