Friday, April 20, 2018

Donald Trump the Killer Rabbit

It occurred to me that perhaps a good metaphor for Donald Trump is Monty Python's Killer Rabbit. Prior to the election the left wasn't afraid of Trump at all. What was he going to do to the Hillary jugernaut - nibble her bum?

Then he won the election. Then he put Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, then he passed a wildly popular tax cut and now he may be about to bring peace to Korea. Now the Democrats are all "Run away! Run away!"

They hope each new manufactured scandal will be their Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch. James Comey - nope. Stormy Daniels - nope. The Mueller investigation - maybe but then again that one is just as likely to explode in their hands.

And the great wizard who some call Tim? That's Dilbert creator Scott Adams in this metaphor. He's the only one who saw the real power of the killer rabbit Donald Trump.

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