Friday, June 15, 2018

My New Mantra

My new mantra is Earning, Learning or Burning.

Simply explained - I aim to spend 75% or greater of my waking hours either Earning (money - doing my job), Learning (books, podcasts or videos), or Burning (calories through exercise - feel the burn!).

Some clarifications:

- I say 75% because I realize that some time will be spent relaxing, eating, watching TV and doing various and sundry other activities. Also sometimes things will overlap. For example I might be driving somewhere on business (Earning) but on the way I could be listening to a Tim Ferris podcast (Learning).
- I have a daily reading goal of 30 pages of non-fiction or 50 pages of fiction. These goals are very manageable and should be in reach of everyone.
- No "burning" does not refer to smoking pot (though I am not pot adverse). It's just that Earning, Learning and Exercise didn't rhyme.

So that's my new mantra - Earning, Learning and Burning. I'll try to constantly keep this in mind especially when asking myself what to do next with my time. What can I do to Earn, Learn, or Burn?

And by saying my "new" mantra is not to infer I had an "old' mantra. Just wanted to clarify that.

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