Friday, August 10, 2018

Idris Elba as James Bond

There's a report circulating that Idris Elba is the favorite to replace Daniel Craig as Jame Bond.

I'm of two minds on this. I love Elba as an actor. His role as DCI John Luther makes him one of the top cops in TV history while his role as Stringer Bell simultaneously places him as one of the top criminals in TV history. That's quite an acting daily-double.

The reason I'm not sure on this is not because he's black. That doesn't make a difference. The reason I'm not sure is his age.

Daniel Craig is 50-years old and he last played Bond in 2015 when he was 47. Craig looked old and tired in Spectre. Craig's first Bond film came out when he was 38 but was shot when he was 36-years old.

Elba is about to turn 46-years old on September 6th which is why I think this rumor of him as Bond is just a ruse. Timothy Dalton was 41 when he took over as Bond in The Living Daylights. And Dalton looked too old - at 41! Elba probably would be 48 by the time a film was actually made.

If I were a betting man - I'd bet against Idris Elba being named the next James Bond. He's just too old. 

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