Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Let's Talk Some Politics

Let's be honest - the Democratic candidates who have announced they are running for President so far leave a lot to be desired. I mean a whole lot. And the ones who are waiting in the wings like Joe Biden, Beto O'Rourke and Tim Kaine (not sure about you but I completely forgot Kaine was Hillary's running mate) all have their own unique drawbacks. The leaders of the pack seem to be Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.

The DNC may be trying to force out Bernie Sanders by hook or by crook. If the party leaders knew how much "trouble" Bernie would cause there's no way they've let in in the 2016 race. The question now is "Is it too late?" It's probably too late to force any rules on Bernie because if he runs as an Independent he'll take at least one-third of the Democrat's general election votes with him. And it's probably too late to prevent a farthest Left swing of the candidates who seem to want to out "Left" a guy who identifies as a Socialist.

Will 2020 Democrats help Trump by destroying each other is the other question being asked? Does the question really need to be asked? Of course they will! There is no "gentleman's agreement" on the Left. They will take some anonymous and some not so anonymous shots at each other (where do you think those old videos of Bernie or the form where Elizabeth Warren claimed she was American Indian came from). They simply don't have the decorum or the discipline to do otherwise. There is no Reagan's 11th Commandment for the Democrats.

And the more they go after each other the more hardcore supporters of certain candidates will stay home in the general election rather than support the candidate who said such awful things about their candidate. And when it is time for the winner of this bloodbath to triangulate to the middle for the general election - it will probably be too late for that too. How can a candidate spend the next year and a half trying to "out Left" all the other candidates only then to abandon most of that rhetoric? There will be no attempt to try to "hide the crazy"

I think the only chance the Democrats have is for a Centrist candidate to emerge. Someone who can say they support abortion but believes that late-term abortion is not something they think they can support (an opinion held by like 80% of the county). Someone who says "Everyone agrees that pollution and waste are bad so let's try to eliminate those without ruining the economy." Someone who's campaign motto would be - "Let's not go crazy - we have a country to run." Maybe someone like Al Gore?

Sure 13-years ago Al Gore said we had just 10-years to save the planet. Sure he's been widely mocked as the Goracle - the Manbearpig - the sexy poodle. All true but compared to the jokes that are the rest of the pack Gore looks like a Statesman.

Gore was the OG when it come to warning about climate change.Nobody's going to get him with a New Green Deal. And on the economy the guy can claim to be the VP during the Clinton Economy which will help dull any accomplishments Trump has. And age? He's six years younger than Joe Biden. And seven years younger than Bernie Sanders. Heck - he's two years younger than Donald Trump.

Predicting Al Gore joining the race for President. Bet you didn't see that Left turn coming.

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  1. It's pretty sad (but hilarious) when Al Gore makes the team as the centrist. This campaign is going to be yugely entertaining.