Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hong Kong and China

Things in Hong Kong has gone from being merely protests to being a full revolution.

I agree with this sentiment. It would probably be best if Great Britain offered asylum to Hong Kongers first since Hong Kong was a former holding of the British Empire. I'd also like to see the US do that as well but I imagine President Trump would instead utilize the threat of blanket asylum as a trade deal negotiating tactic.

As an aside if Hong Kong was a fully independent country - its population would rank 104th in the world. For perspective Honk Kong's population is just 1.5 million less than Israel.

So Communist China is torn between Hong Kong wanting to preserve or enhance their freedom against the Communist Party wanting to retain total control over everyone and the fall out repercussions of the trade war with the United States. These repercussions include many top tech companies looking to move a good part of their manufacturing out of mainland China.

Austin Bay does a really good job of explaining "how China's great oppressor reality subverts its great power aspirations."

There is real history unfolding in Asia. Meanwhile in the US too many are wrestling with the supposed moral implications of retaining their Soul Cycle memberships.

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