Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Boycott China

You'll be doing yourself a favor by not buying shit products from an asshole government.

And the way the game is played these days people should also be asking the question, "Why are you buying a product marked Made in China - do you want grandma to die?"

EDIT: Going to keep posting this periodically because China is asshole!

HT American Digest


  1. I bought a multi port charger made in China...where else is it going to be made, right? I think the company is making sport of me. The charger was made by All Caca....seriously.
    I think the enemies of humanity are just rubbing our noses in their bullshit evil. Think about it. In the 70s there was a movie called Soylent Green. Spoilage alert: It's people. Now, there is a product made from NOT PEOPLE called Soylent. And it's chief quality is emasculating men and turning them into crying Soyboys with manginas and doobs. Yes. This is where we are at.

  2. Soylent is a meal replacement drink popular with people too busy coding to eat.

    Too busy coding to eat.

    Not even Huxley or Orwell could have saw that one coming.