Thursday, November 04, 2021

California and Legal Weed

California legalized weed five-years ago. Why is the illicia market still thriving? The short answer is because politicians and bureaucrats in California could screw up a wet dream.

In Massachusetts legalized marijuana seems to be working out fine. In Worcester pot dispensaries are as common as liquor stares (aka "packies") with each dispensary paying a pretty good amount in new taxes that would not have existed prior to legalization. And prices still seem reasonable plus a ton of new jobs have been created. Would be interesting to see what the unemployment numbers would look like in Mass if you took away the pot related jobs.

Mass also allows the growing of six plants per adult for personal use. This has created a literal home-grown market for individuals to make a little side money clipping buds off their well-cared for personal plants. This has become a big hobby for many and their dedication to the craft is admirable. I'd bet that organized crime in Mass has gotten out of  or greatly reduced their role in selling illegal weed in the State.

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