Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Needle Points

Interesting look at why so many are hesitant to get the COVID vaccines

The article points out that, "As of this writing, in the United States about 85% of the people over 65 - the age group most at risk - are fully vaccinated against COVID (more if you include those who have had one shot). Fifty-seven percent of the overall population is fully vaccinated." Great! That number of those over 65 is probably higher if you exclude many in that last small percentage who may have comorbidities so severe that getting a shot could be truly dangerous. 

Well done science and medicine - you're successfully flattened the curve by almost fully vaccinating those most at risk! But wait: 

President Joe Biden switching from persuasion to coercion - of the armed services, federal employees, and as of Sept. 9, of anyone working for companies with 100 employees or more, a category that includes about 100 million Americans.

Why the switch? Shouldn't we be at the stage where the great resources are being spent on rapid testing so people can find out if they are infected? Why hasn't this been made the priority? The cynic in me thinks maybe because the Pfizers, and Moderna's of the world make much more from vaccines and those companies need to make hay while the sun shines. So no rapid test strips and instead a focus on getting everyone vaccinated. 

And now they want to vaccinate children who, according to the science, are at little or NO danger from the virus? And they wonder why people don't trust them?


  1. It's been nearly 20 months. We have enough vaccine to inoculate every man, woman, and child in the country. But if you try and purchase a rapid test from a CVS, you're SOL because they never have enough in stock. We (as a country) could have built upon the success of operation warp speed towards rapid/cheap testing, but we didn't. Instead we (our government at least) chose to berate and ridicule anyone not getting the vaccine.

    I keep asking myself why that is, and the best answer I have is that our "leaders" are either incompetent or too blinded by short term goals (e.g. the next election) to care.

  2. There's another explanation but Big Pharma and politicians acting out of financial own self interest instead of the common good would never happen - right?