Saturday, October 20, 2018

Celtics Overreactions

Last night the Boston Celtics lost to the Toronto Raptors 113-101 leaving Boston with a record of 1-1 and a pace to win just 41 games this season. That's a far cry from the 58 Vegas pegged as their over/under (I took the over).

Kawhi Leonard was a beast last night especially in the 4th quarter finishing with 31 points and the Toronto crowd chanting MVP! MVP! I know it's just the second game of the season but I think it's clear that it's a coin flip right now between Boston and Toronto as far as which team will be coming out of the East. And that's good news.

I think Boston needs this early season wake-up call. They were the equal or better than the Raptors for three quarters last night but just like game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last year their ability to hit a shot in the final minutes disappeared.  Knowing that Toronto lurks should motivate the Celtics into not taking any nights off and the team's depth should allow for many contributors in many different scenarios.

Gordon Hayward looked much better and more comfortable last night than he did in his first game back. That's a really encouraging sign. He ended up with 14 points in just 24 minutes which is bad news for people who bet the under on 18.5 points per game projected for him in Vegas (hello Bill Simmons). When Hayward gets his minutes up over 30 or so a game it's easy to picture him scoring in the low 20's for the season. Which is also good news for another reason.

People keep suggesting that Kevin Durant may opt out of his contract with the Warriors at the end of the season. Many of those same people point to the New York Knicks as his new destination but why not the Celtics? When leaving OKC Durant narrowed his choices down to Golden State and Boston. What if the question of the road not taken has taken root in his mind? Also coming to Boston now almost guarantees Durant the ability to chase more rings something that would be very doubtful with the Knicks.

If Kevin Durant did want to come to Boston all it would take is trading Gordon Hayward (who should be in demand) to free up both the minutes and salary cap needed to allow that to happen. Danny Ainge could sign Durant for nothing and gain a few more draft picks and other assets with a Hayward trade.  As much as I love Gordon Hayward it would be tough for Danny Ainge not to pick Durant in that scenario.

Just wanted to get that thought on the record.

Sir Richard Burton

On this day (October 20th) in 1890, Sir Richard Francis Burton died. Most of you pobably never heard of Burton and some of a certain age may mistake this Richard Burton for the Richard Burton the actor who today is best remembered for tagging Elizabeth Taylor. The Richard Burton I'm talking about was an extraordinary person who truly lived a life of adventure. I would highly recommend reading the entry on Burton in Wikipedia.

If that peaks your interest than I would also highly recommend the book Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton: The Secret Agent Who Made the Pilgrimage to Mecca, Discovered the Kama Sutra, and Brought the Arabian Nights to the West by Edward Rice

Tom Petty - Don't Do Me Like That

This song was written by Tom Petty back in 1973 back when he was still in Mudcrutch. It was offered by his record label to the J. Geils Band who turned it down. The song ended up being Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers first Top 10 single in 1979 on the Damn the Torpedoes album. 

Today would have been Tom Petty's 68th birthday. Gone way too soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- US economy is the world's most competitive for first time in a decade.

- I have to think the advertising agency for the Mass Treasury was having a joke with this hashtag

- Goodnight Keith Moon

- Buster Keaton was the man!

- Canelo Alvarez just signed the largest contract in sports history - 5-years, 11 fights, and a minimum of $365 million. That's insane!

- Funny you don't seem to be hearing much about this in the news.

- Bill Gates plan for fighting climate change. Two words for you Bill - NUCLEAR POWER!

The Importance of a Single Vote

On this date in 1867 the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for the price of $7 million which worked out to about $.02 per acre. This purchase was known at the time as Seward's Folly after Secretary of State William Seward who arranged the purchase. Seward was also in charge of trying to get the Senate to ratify the treaty authorizing the purchase. The treaty was ratified on April 9th but it passed by a single vote. 

Think of that. If one person changed their vote from yes to no - Alaska might not be part of the US today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

Many people look at the firing upon Fort Sumpter as the spark that lit the Civil War but I think the real spark came on this day 159 years ago when John Brown and his "army" of 21 attacked and occupied the armory at Harpers Ferry, VA.

The next day, US Marines under the command of US Army Colonel Robert E. Lee attacked Brown and his men. When the gun smoke cleared, 10 of Brown's men were dead (including 2 of his sons) and Brown was taken prisoner and shortly thereafter he was hanged.

I find it slightly amusing that most history books and mentions of Brown on the web either gloss over or omit completely the fact that Brown was almost certainly insane.

I'm not making any moral judgments on Brown's actions. I'm just saying that he was crazy. Seriously. When I first saw a picture of John Brown - I thought I was looking at Charlie Manson circa 1850.

The John Brown / Charles Manson analogy isn't that bad. Brown raided the armory because he wanted to arm slaves to start a full-fledged slave revolt. Charles Manson has said that he killed those folks in the Hollywood Hills because he hoped that blacks would be blamed and that would spark a race war in the US. This may be one of those things that I only find interesting.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

My name is Chris and I drink way too much during football season. Hi Chris!... Senator Elizabeth Warren not a member of the Cherokee Nation - according to officials from the Cherokee Nation... My opinion on Donald Trump has changed 180 degrees - I now believe his hair is actually real... Is Acura trying to tell us their new car models were designed by Satan with these new commercials?... A bunch of times where Elizabeth Warren claimed to be Native American... "Trump's secret plan - get Latinos voting GOP, then Dems will DEMAND that he build that wall" Glenn Reynolds... Heh heh - Elizabeth Warren disappointed after DNA tests shows zero trace of presidential material...

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Awwwwww

- The WWE in Saudi Arabia. What profits a man if he wins the world but loses his own soul.

- Good Advice

- I laughed way too hard at this (something about it just tickled my funny bone)

- Cool - the world's fastest camera can "freeze time", show beams of light in slow motion.

- This is very touching

- Dream Job Alert

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Errol Flynn

I'm an Errol Flynn fan. On this day (October 14th) in 1959 - Flynn died of a heart attack at age 50. Two tidbits made me chuckle from his Wikipedia entry.
He was interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, in Glendale, California. He shares coffin space with six bottles of whiskey, a parting gift from his drinking buddies
Although I respect the gesture - I hope my drinking buddies have better sense than to waste good whiskey. Besides - I plan to be cremated.
In his 1980 short-story collection Music for Chameleons, author Truman Capote recounts a conversation he had with Marilyn Monroe in which Monroe refers to once attending a Hollywood party where Errol Flynn entertained guests by playing "You Are My Sunshine" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" on a piano using only his penis.
While an amusing anecdote - I'm skeptical about this one. Not that I don't think he could do it. I just don't see him taking the time to rehearse the songs.

After reading the entry in Wikipedia - I was left wanting to re-read Michael Herr's classic Vietnam book Dispatches because Errol Flynn's son Sean "co-stars" so to speak as another war correspondent in the book. I also added the movie My Favorite Year to my movie queue because the Alan Swann character (played by Peter O'Toole) was based on Errol Flynn.

Heh Heh

How I'd Save Sears

Sears is in trouble. They are about to file for bankruptcy. Here's what I'd propose as a course of action to save the once iconic brand.

First I'd close all the K-Mart locations. That was a marriage that never should have happened. Then I'd sell off the Kenmore brand which would generate a guaranteed $400 million.

Then I'd come out with an all new catalog and website specializing in goods that are MADE IN THE USA. That would be the new hook. Selling only products made in America. I would keep many of the existing Sears locations as showrooms and distribution hubs.

I'd also play up Sears history in helping to sell products. People would eat that stuff up. Show pictures of products from the 1800's next to today's offerings.

Prices may be higher but people would feel good that they are buying goods made in this country. WalMart for good or bad has become identified with selling products made in China. Play up the American angle.

It's probably the only way to save Sears.

My Idea of Great Art

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Peyton Manning should have insured his passing record with State Farm before it was broken... Heh heh... William Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest writer of all-time, was married to a woman who could neither read nor write... Maybe Boston fans were right - the Yankees do suck... For those following at home - Nike stock is now at $75.91. It was at $82 when they announced their Colin Kaepernick ad campaign... I'll say it again - if Donald Trump makes Nikki Haley his VP he'd be unbeatable in the 2020 election and potentially set Haley up for 8 more years of a Republican in the White House... What the world needs now is a Prog Rock Kazoo channel...

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is the all-time NFL leader in passing yards and yet he never seems to come up in discussion of the greatest NFL QB's (which by now everyone agrees is Tom Brady).

Yes Brees is vastly underrated. I agree with that. But what's been circling in my head is the similarity to another great in another sport.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA's all-time leading scorer but you never hear his name come up when discussing the greatest of all-time. Heck some people don't even list Jabbar as the best center in NBA history (that would be Bill Russell).

Kareem, like Brees, probably doesn't get the historical credit he's due.

Back to Brees for a moment - my favorite stat of Brees is the fact that he's had five 5,000 yard passing seasons. All of the other QB's in NFL history have combined for just four.

Chuck Yeager

71-years ago today American icon Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier (clip from the movie The Right Stuff). As impressive as that feat was the day before, October 12th, was also the anniversary of another jaw-dropping feat in American history.

On October 12, 1944, Chuck Yeager shot down 5 German planes becoming an "Ace in a Day". 

Incredible feats by an incredible American hero.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Heh Heh

- Interesting look at Ford's declining year-over-year auto sales and the company's overall health.

- It's like rain on your wedding day, a free ride when you've already paid.

- Climate change's ever shifting goalposts

- Google has no problem helping China suppress freedom but Boston Dynamics robots were too evil. Think about that. Scary.

- Jim Brown is the man!

- If you're thinking of buying an invisible yacht - you have too much money

A Democrat Takes a Step Back to Take an Honest Look at Trump

A very well written honest look at President Trump's foreign policy by a Democrat.

I agree that the smugness of the media is a problem which helps neither the Democrats or the media. They look like are clueless narcissists.

Not sure if I'd call President Trump a 21st Century Bismark but the author does pinpoint the most salient point. Trump gets results because that's what he cares about. Results. He'll take a hard line with the Canadians if it means getting results just as he'll coddle dictators like North Korea's Kim Jong-un for the same reason.

Interesting article that's worth your time.

Boston as Mount Whoredom

Prostitution was so rampant in Boston in the 1770's that a British military cartographer marked the red light district in Boston as Mount Whoredom. The American troops surrounding Boston back then may have been short of military dress and ammunition but they were drinking about a bottle of rum a day - apiece.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mike Lombardi's Ted Talk on Leadership

Well worth 15 minutes of your time.

Also I can recommend his book Gridiron Genius. Read it recently and really enjoyed it.

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- The history of philosophy (interactive graph)

- Literally "No Fat Chicks" to become law in Greece

- Heh Heh

- Who knew? Moons can also have moons and they are called moonmoons.

- Heh Heh

- Has the standard and cost of living really been stagnant for the past 40-years?

- Congress passes bipartisan Opioids Bill

If I Were Rich and Famous

If I were rich and famous I would buy tickets to all the top sporting events and sit in very TV friendly locations. But I wouldn't go as myself - I would go dressed as a Scary Clown and I would sit emotionless for the entire game. You know the TV crews and announcers would have to put you on screen because it would be creeping them out.

Basically the creepy version of Rainbow Head Guy.

Then after a season of people wondering - who is Scary Clown Guy? You sell the rights to unveil who is under the mask during half-time of the Super Bowl for an unreal amount of money. I don't care who the half-time act is - people would be tuning in for the unveiling of Scary Clown Guy.

Then the mask is removed and it's - GASP! - Will Ferrell!

And people would ask him to put the mask back on.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Forty ways the world is getting better (to be honest I have mixed feeling about a couple of these like the number of cell phones out numbering the number of people)

- Now for your cheery thought for the day - Mount Vesuvius may have killed people by vaporizing their blood and exploding heads from the inside. "Tragically, those poor people in the waterfront chambers would have died instantly." Tragically? Would it have been less tragic if they weren't killed instantly but had their agony prolonged? Sadist scientists are the worst.

- Big League Chew will have their first package featuring a girl player for sale soon. Heh heh - all I can think is now people who support girls' sports will have to battle those who think pretend chewing tobacco leads to real-life use and cheek and gum cancer. Well played Big League Chew!

-  Well this isn't good - new Pentagon weapons systems easily hacked

- And this is scary as fuck! Driverless cars could become WMD's

- Interesting - independent analyst pegs Tesla stock value at $430 per share

- History will not be kind to the FBI and DOJ on the "Russian Collusion" BS

Red Sox Take Care of Business

The Red Sox beat the Yankees last night to move on to the ALCS which starts Saturday night in Boston.

I truly believe the winner of this series - either Boston or Houston - will win the World Series. The Astros have a hell of a starting rotation and will be tough to defeat but there just seems to be something special about this Boston team.

Go Red Sox!

I Believe

I believe that men and women are equal except maybe physiologically. Men are on the whole stronger but women can create new life (which is awesome). The idea of a woman not being able to drive or vote or even pick out her own clothes is inherently ridiculous to me.

I believe that homosexuality is genetic and that homo and heterosexuals should have the same rights including the right to marry the one you love. I believe the idea that homosexuals should be stoned to death is barbaric and that the idea that there are no homosexuals in a country of 77 million (Iran) is farcical.

I believe that slavery is not just wrong but an inherent evil that should be stamped out.

I believe bacon is delicious.

To some my beliefs make me an Islamophobe. To those people I say "Screw you!"

Consider that the Westboro Baptist Church wouldn't even go so far as to disagree with some of the above sentiments yet they are rightly scorned and ridiculed in the US. How come that ridicule and scorn is never extended to Muslims who believe "Allah hates fags"?

I stand behind my beliefs. Do you stand behind yours?

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Rules for sons - agree with the list 100% but had to Google what a "Braai" is (its basically barbecue grill - learn something new every day!) Via Cultural Offering

- Heh Heh

- Uh Oh - 28-year Hubble Telescope temporarily out of service. Sounds like a job for Space Force!

- Nuclear Power is to the IPCC what Israel is to the UN

- I'm fascinated by Giant Squid

- Unbelievable progress - more than half the world's population is now middle class. "For the first time since agriculture based civilization began 10,000 years ago, the majority of humankind is no longer poor or vulnerable to falling into poverty."

- Mental Floss' 10 best Sci-Fi movies on Netflix right now. I've only seen 4 (Ex-Machina, Jurassic Park, Rogue One, and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2) and have no desire to see the other 6. Am I wrong - am I missing out on a gem of a flick?

This Week in Musk World

Interesting look at why there seems to be so much negative news about Tesla and Elon Musk. I would agree that Tesla is doing much better than the headlines suggest but I was surprised by the connection of some of the negativity to groups connected to the Koch brothers.

Meanwhile the news about the recent Falcon 9 SpaceX launch and landing in California was all good. (You can see a condensed video of the launch and landing here.)

On a lighter note - Joe Rogan and Elon Musk discuss primates (before they smoked pot if I recall correctly):

Monday, October 08, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I really don't care about Taylor Swift's politics or who she's voting for but if I ever met her I would tell her how much I loved her in Friends just to maybe confuse and upset her (I have a different sense of humor)... The 100 best leadership quotes of all time (according to Inc. Magazine)... Two things Americans really don't like thinking about - our history and how our food gets made... Oral Sex in the Bible... Kevin Youkilis, the Greek God of Walks, saw 292 3-0 counts in his career and never swung at the next pitch... Buck O'Neil's life lessons... What a crazy NFL season its been so far and I think the lesson we can all learn is to not bet on NFL games. Hopefully that lesson hasn't been too expensive for you...

100 Years Ago Today

On this day in 1918 - Sergeant Alvin York became a household name when he (along with others) killed 32 Germans and captured 132 others in the Argonne Forest in France. York was awarded the Medal of Honor for his deeds. 

Sergeant York's fame was spread by the 1941 movie Sergeant York, with Gary Cooper starring in the title role.

Some people may ask why we don't have heroes like this in today's military. The answer is that we do still have such men but the media today just doesn't celebrate them like they used to.

Public Service Announcement

Experts say putting ice cubes up the rectums of unconscious people has no physiological benefit and can even lead to seizures and stroke.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

UFC 229 and What Should Be Done

UFC 229 was one of the most entertaining fight cards the UFC has ever produced but the quality of the matches will forever be marred by the violence and near riot that broke out at the end of the McGregor-Khabib bout. The responsibility for these action lie completely with the Khabib camp and according to reports from Dana White the only reason there hasn't been arrests yet is because Conor McGregor declined to press charges.

Here's what I think should happen.

Dana White and the UFC should strip Khabib of his title and give him a 2-year ban from the UFC. The members of the Khabib camp that assaulted McGregor after the fight should be given lifetime bans from any future UFC event.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission should give Khabib a lifetime ban from ever fighting in Nevada again. And any other State commission should look critically at ever sanctioning any of his fights in the future. Buyer beware.

The Las Vegas police, despite Conor McGregor declining to press charges, should arrest Khabib and any of his camp involved for inciting to riot and any other charges they can come up with. They should also ask the UFC to hold Khabib's purse to pay for any damages that might have been incurred because of his camp's actions.

The State Department should consider revoking Khabib's passport. Permanently!

Khabib's acts should have repercussions and consequences.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Just saying but Saddam Hussein, Billy Crystal and Fidel Castro were all Yankees fans. You are known by the company you keep. Friends don't let friends be Yankees fans... Seems to me that the Democrats came just one step short of screaming "Give us Barabbus instead!"... Reminder that it is flu season... "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge." Stephen Hawking... I wish I could go back in time to change my senior year's yearbook quote to "Don't eat a scorned woman's spaghetti."... Sandy Koufax's career record in 1-0 games was an astonishing 11-3... If I were the Democrats I'd try to blame all the Kavanaugh allegations on a Dukes $1 bet... 

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Grievance Studies

These scholars deserve a Nobel Prize for this work. Or a Pulitzer.


Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

If President Trump really wanted to prank Dr. Ford and make the Left go crazy - he should put her on the Federal "No-Fly" list and say it was for her own good (because of supposed fear of flying)... One of my deepest fears is of fire-breathing koalas. Wheh! Feels great to get that off my chest. Now let the healing begin... Interesting opinion that Jeff Bezos' decision to raise the minimum wage at Amazon to $15 per hour is basically a Machiavellian maneuver. Got to say that I agree...   "Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke." Hermann Hesse... Gratitude is a superpower. From Tim Ferris' Tribe of Mentors... When you think about it it's pretty amazing that a full-blown cult of George Washington never really came to be in the early US. I wonder what the country would look like today if one did develop... Interesting look back on the top 11 free-agent signings (by contract dollar amount) of last offseason. JD Martinez was by far the best signing but I have to wonder if the Cubs would still be playing if Yu Darvish remained healthy this season...

King of Spades

Did you know that the King of Spades on a playing card was originally supposedly designed to represent King David from the Bible? The sword he holds was supposed to be the sword used to cut off Goliath's head after young David killed him with a rock from his his sling.

During the early parts of the Civil War - Robert E Lee was given the nickname "King of Spades" because of his propensity to dig trenches as part of his strategy. At first the nickname was derisive because soldiers hate to dig. Later when the effectiveness of his tactics saved the lives of many of these same soldiers - the nickname became affectionate. Reportedly Lee always loathed the nickname.

And he didn't play cards.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Go Bruins! Season Opens Tonight! Hockey is Back!

50 Years Ago

50-years ago the National Trails Act was signed into existence by Lyndon Johnson. This Act created the first two National Scenic Trails; the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Here's what it's like to hike the Appalachian Trail distilled down to just 5-minutes. If you think about it - Sam and Frodo basically traveled the distance of the AT going from the Shire to Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings (love that little tidbit).

I've always wanted to thru-hike the AT. Someday...

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Was the new USMCA deal a result of Jared Kushner's good cop to President Trump's bad cop? Sure seems that way. Good job!

- Where do we find such men?

- Heh Heh

- You have to be frigging kidding me. This is what you get when everyone gets "participation trophies".

- New role model indeed!

- Phil Steele's College Top 25 Bettor Power Rankings

- Interesting - is social media addiction in the NBA out of control? Long read but worth it. The next generation of kids - never mind NBA players - will have a serious problem with this.

This Week in Musk World

Tesla's Elon Musk settles with SEC. What you need to know about the deal according to the Motley Fools.

Meanwhile Elon responds

Gotta love Musk World.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Libertarian Game of Thrones

Heh Heh

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Howard Cosell and John Lennon - such a cool photo

- Interesting read on Alexander Hamilton's early years.

- First they're installing drywall for us next they'll be using us as human batteries.

- Good for you Lindsey Graham

- Interesting - why there's a good case for sanctioning Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers

- How the Internet gave all of us superpowers

- George Gilder: Forget cloud computing, Blockchain is the future

Happy Birthday NASA

Yesterday was NASA's 60th "birthday." They've accomplished a lot in just 60-years but I think the best is yet to come!

All the Signs are Coming Together

First a Red Heifer is born in Israel fulfilling a major End Times biblical prophesy.

Now a Super Nova that will be bright enough to be seen with the naked eye is predicted  for 2022. Similar to the "Star" that proclaimed the birth of Jesus over 2,000 years ago.

Couple these events with Donald Trump being President and I'm guessing we sill start seeing a lot of "The End is Near" guys walking around.

Monday, October 01, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Amid all the recent protestations I am reminded that Barack Obama arranged for an internship for his daughter Malia at Harvey Weinstein's company back when EVERYONE KNEW what type of person Harvey Weinstein was. Think about that for a moment...  IF Jay Cutler did a 23andMe do you think he'd learn that Jeff George was his biological dad?... It looks like FitzMagic may be over but just a reminder I called Ryan Fitzpatrick's NFL success way back in 2005... Just saying but the people who love the intrigue and baseness of politics must share a common trait with the people who cannot get enough of the Dr. Pimple Popper videos... Maybe its not safe to go back in the water... Every time I find a dead fruit fly in my beer I think "That's the way he wanted to die." Then I finish my beer... Andre the Giant and Bobby Orr - such a great photo... I still say my first move as President would be to make Bill Belichick my Press Secretary. Those briefings would be epic!...

The (A)CDC

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) since it is funded by Federal tax dollars really should be called the American Center for Disease Control. Yes I am advocating for a name change to the ACDC.

Just think of some of the public service announcement possibilities! The ACDC can boast about how effectively they use tax dollars in a spot called "The ACDC - Dirty Diseases Done Dirt Cheap." Or maybe do a commercial geared to a specific disease like, "The ACDC - For those About to Fight Ebola (We Salute You)."

Make it so!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Patriots Thoughts

The Patriots should try having Rob Gronkowski line up in the backfield as a way to get him more touches in the offense. It would be a look the Dolphins aren't prepared for and it would allow the offense to get the ball in Gronk's hands on pitches, screens and even hand-offs. You could also have Gronk go in motion to create miss-matches that way too. Worth a try.

Of the nine players taken in the last draft - six of them are injured including their top pick Isaiah Wynn who is out for the season with a torn Achilles. You can't plan for that.

If New England loses Sunday they would fall three full games behind Miami in the standings. Couple that with the fact that my girlfriend is a Dolphins fan and this game is pretty much a MUST win for the Pats Sunday. Oh and I also think they will cover the -6.5 points.

Go Pats!

Mike Post

What John Williams was to movie scores - Mike Post was to TV theme music. For series as diverse as Law & Order, The A-Team, NYPD Blue, L.A. Law and Hill Street Blues plus the above, my favorite, the theme music to the Rockford Files.

Mr. Post turned 74 today. Happy birthday!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hey There Cthulhu

One of the classics.

Good King Wenceslas

Good King Wenceslas is one of my favorite Christmas carols. Did you know that he was a real person and that in 935 AD on this very day (September 28th) he was killed by his brother?

Now maybe you can think of that cheery fact every Christmas when you hear the tune. At least you can take comfort in thinking no matter how stressful your family gatherings are least you probably won't be killed by one of your siblings.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Things that make you say WTF!?! Seriously how is that a real photo?... Calling Michael Avenatti a "creepy porn lawyer" isn't an insult it's the truth. It reminds me of one of my favorite Ronald Reagan quotes, "How do you insult a pig by calling it a pig?"...  The "Pied Piper of Raccoons" - another thing that begs the question - WTF!?! Seriously WTF? Is this some sort of indication of the End Times or something?... Interesting piece by Victor Davis Hanson. Trump's success is literally driving the Democrats insane... Some people poke fun at the US Coast Guard and others seem to always forget them when trying to name the branches of the US military but I bet if you compared the Coast Guard by itself it would rank as one of the largest navy's in the world... Where do we find such men? Marine veteran, 80, will receive Medal of Honor for Vietnam valor... I'm a registered Independent but I strongly feel that any Republican that votes against confirming Brett Kavanaugh at this point should be kicked out of the Republican Party and stripped of any leadership positions in the Senate...

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- A 92-year old woman has been buried in Nebraska with full British military honors for a secret she held for decades - her role as a German code breaker during WWII. Such a great story.

- Heh heh - the fireworks were the climax of the evening

- How great that this exists - James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince all on the same stage

- US-Mexico trade deal could be released Friday.

- Heh Heh

- Ha - awesome!

- And what about Canada and NAFTA?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Man Who Saved the World

On this day 35-years ago Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov may have single-handedly saved the world from global thermonuclear war.

I was a senior in high school and my biggest concern probably had to deal with whoever we were playing in football that weekend. Little did I know how close we all were to being incinerated.

How is it that Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov isn't a household name? This is real-life Bruce Willis in Armageddon type stuff here.


"I'm going to Dunkin' do you want anything?" That has been such a common question asked in New England for over a decade. We have been shortening the name of Dunkin' Donuts to just "Dunkin" it seems forever.

That's why the news that Dunkin' Donuts is officially shortening their name to just "Dunkin" has been met with a yawn in New England.

It should be noted that the name of the franchise (aside from the spelling of "donut" vs "doughnut") came from their unique traditional plain donut that had a "bump" or "handle" that you could use to hold your donut while you dunked it into your coffee. Hence the name. Just thought that bit of Americana should be mentioned.

The name change that I've been expecting because of the times we live in is for Dunkin to change the name of their "Munchkin" donut holes. I mean society forced the name change of Midget Hockey. Can the name change of these tasty treats be far behind? Think about it - if you had a little person working in your office and you brought in Munchkins from Dunkin's as an office treat on a regular basis - could you be reported to human resources for harassment?

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

People who say Sony Michel isn't an adequate replacement for Dion Lewis on the Patriots are right. But Lewis wasn't supposed to be the replacement for Lewis. Rex Burkhead and James White were supposed to replace Lewis' snaps and production... Meth is a hell of a drug... If you told me a decade ago that Bill Cosby would be going to jail - I would have bet anything it would have been for being the New Coke spokesman... Wait President Trump signed a new free trade agreement with South Korea? Shouldn't this be bigger news?... People seem to forget that it took Dion Lewis 5 seasons to get where he is in the NFL. In Lewis' first 2 seasons he had just 192 yards combined in rushing and receiving yards. Sony Michel, if he stays healthy, will be more productive than that... Douglas Adams on our reactions to technology over time... Someone should let it slip that Mother Theresa was a Republican just to see what the Left would do to her reputation...

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Could malaria be close to being eliminated? This could have a huge impact on developing nations.

- Good for Bill Burr! File this under when good things happen to good people (who work hard).

- Douglas Adams (RIP) discusses the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

- And speaking of aliens - scientists detect more mysterious radio signals from distant galaxy. And by distant we're talking 3 BILLION light years away. So pump the brakes in the aliens talk. Even if it was from an intelligent source chances are by now something has happened to that civilization.

- Dr Charles Kao, Nobel laureate who revolutionized fiber optics, dies at 84. The modern world owes Dr. Kao tremendous gratitude for his work.

- Interesting - Vladimir Putin's hand picked candidates losing to candidates linked to a party with supposed connections to the mafia? Or are Putin's candidates losing because Russians want to send him a message about his planned pension reforms?

- Fake Gatorade? Who knew?

Bill Simmons

Today is Bill Simmons (the artist formerly known as the Boston Sports Guy) 49th birthday. Happy birthday Bill!

As a reminder here's a column Bill wrote back in September of 2009 where he basically gave up on the New England Patriots. Since that column was written these Patriots have been to 4 Super Bowls and won 2 (both in historic fashion).

I fully expect Simmons to recycle many of the same arguments soon in saying it's time to give up on these 2018 Patriots. He's basically become the West Coast Dan Shaughnessy (and no that's not a compliment).

The Beast of Gévaudan

File this under "You learn something new every day." I had never heard of the beast of Gévaudan but I guess "some consider the creature to be the French equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster."

Robert Louis Stevenson described the beast as "the Napoleon Bonaparte of wolves" while some believe that it was a werewolve (although most attacks came in the morning) or an escaped lion or hyena. The beast is said to have killed eighty-nine people (fifteen women, sixty-eight children, and six men). The deaths were real and so you would have to think the beast was real too.

One of the mysteries of history.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open." Frank Zappa... The word "lock" has seemed to have lost all meaning in the sports betting community... The use of human shields is always a cowardly and depraved act. It appears to me that Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats are basically using the equivalent of human shields as a last ditch effort to forestall the Kanavaugh Supreme Court nomination... Interesting discussion on the 25% import tariff the US places on any light truck not built in America. As much as I'm for free-trade I'd like to know the potential impact on the foreign manufacturers (like Nissan and Toyota) who have chosen to build their light trucks in the USA. Would those jobs remain here if the tariff was repealed?... Fact that may only interest me - Matt Ryan finished 7th in the 2007 Heisman voting. Of the top 10 vote getters only Chase Daniel (4th) and Chris Long (10th) are still active in the NFL. Matt Ryan has by far had the best NFL career of the top 10 finishers that year which was won by Tim Tebow... Conservatives who voted for Evan McMullin in 2016 have serious buyers remorse and many now wish they voted for Jonathan "the Impaler" Sharkey instead. I always viewed McMullin as an opportunistic fraud.. As a Boston sports fan let me say that last night's loss by the Patriots is very disappointing but before you feel any sympathy please remember these Patriots have won us 5 Super Bowls, the Red Sox currently have the best record in baseball and both the Bruins and Celtics are about to start their seasons and fans are very excited. Just the same - I'm going to stay 100% away from sports talk radio today. I have no need for the fellowship of the miserable...

Voyager Spacecraft and Richard Nixon

Outside the Apollo moon landing the Voyager Spacecraft may be NASA's signature program (argue the Mars rover if you like). The thing that often or always gets overlooked is the fact that the Voyager Spacecraft (Voyager I and Voyager II) would have never happened if it wasn't for Richard Nixon.

Yet Nixon never seems to get any credit.

Seriously. Can you find any mention of Nixon in the Wikipedia page on the Voyager program? Without Nixon granting NASA the money specifically for this project this never happens. Without Voyager there's no "pale blue dot". And without Carl Sagan's elegant words the appetite for space exploration probably is not close to what it is today.

Yet Nixon's name comes up less frequently when it comes to the Voyager program than Chuck Berry's.

And if you think I'm trying to give Nixon too much credit please remember that George McGovern stated in no uncertain terms that if he was elected President he was going to cut the space shuttle program and redirect those funds toward domestic programs. Do you think the Voyager science experiment would have got funding if it wasn't Nixon in office?

No chance. Yet Nixon never gets any credit.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rogue Satellites

Interesting story of how the CEO of Swarm Technologies launched "rogue satellites" - four small satellites called SpaceBees to be exact.  The twist is that the FCC had denied Swarm Technologies permission to launch these satellites but Swarm and their CEO Sara Spangelo did it anyway.

The questions and issues abound.

These SpaceBees are small communications satellites that would create a network allowing Internet connected devices back on Earth to communicate with each other. Among other problems these SpaceBees are too small (10 centimeters x 10 centimeters x 2.8 centimeters) to be tracked back on Earth by the FCC. Swarm argues that if they can track the devices then others including the FCC should be able to as well.

But it is not just the issue of space junk (roughly more than 4,700 defunct satellites and over 29,000 pieces of space debris) littering our orbit. These SpaceBees didn't have permission to be there. What else is up there without permission? Who should control granting permission? How can you disable rogue satellites once in place?

Sounds like we may be getting our Space Force in place just in time. And a Space Fence too!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Because kids don't know any history these days - they probably think "the erection of the Berlin Wall" is something dirty... I find this kind of monitoring by the government just plain scary... Snake Plissken? I thought that guy was dead!... The word "alamo" is Spanish for the cottonwood tree. "Remember the Cottonwood!" just doesn't have the same ring as a rallying cry though... This is funny - well because I don't like Steelers fans... If I were a mad scientist - I'd cross a bunny rabbit with a duck for no better reason than because I could do it and because I think this rabbit-duck would look cool floating on a pond. No I haven't been drinking - why do you ask?... Who cares? I'm guessing that Fitzpatrick having made much more money in his career than Aikman did in his bothers Aikman even if he'd never admit it... 

Happy Hobbit Day!

Today is the birthdays of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and is celebrated internationally as Hobbit Day.

Be sure to have a second breakfast and maybe a pint or two to celebrate!