Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mueller Report

Anyone paying attention could have long concluded that the Mueller Report was going to be completely anti-climatic.

Last June Mueller had to back away from the only indictments aimed at actual Russians. And those indictments were rightly viewed as mainly either a PR move or a fishing expedition.

Just this January the the Office of Robert Mueller had to issue a statement refuting Buzzfeed's claim that Attorney Michael Cohen was instructed to lie to Congress by President Trump. That was an extraordinary move by Mueller and an indication that even he had to acknowledge that the moonbat speculation was growing out of control for a report he knew would be deflating to those on the Left.

I once again post that quote from CS Lewis for you to keep in mind when seeing the reactions to the final findings of the Mueller Report by some elected officials and members of the media.

Also as an aside it will be interesting to see if the Left now goes after Robert Mueller for his past deeds as payback for not providing the "frogmarching" the MSM seemingly endlessly promised was coming.

Rob Gronkowski - An Appreciation

Rob Gronkowski has decided to retire. He was the best tight end in NFL history and he will be greatly missed. Gronk's decision to retire was not unexpected by Pats fans - in fact an announcement that he was coming back for one more year would have actually been the bigger surprise.

Gronk's playoff stat line alone is insane! He played 16 total playoff games (the equivalent of a full NFL regular season) and he caught 81 passed for a total of 1,163 yards and 12 TD's. No TE is ever going to approach his numbers in the playoffs. Pats fans always knew that if the team went into a playoff game with a healthy Gronk then there was a very good chance of victory. And winning playoff games is what its all about in New England.

Pats fans know the abuse Gronk's body has absorbed over the years. Nobody took bigger shots or had his legs targeted like Gronk. Some have some faint hope that this isn't truly the end though. We remember All-World tight end Russ Francis "retiring" after the 1980 season only to come back to play several more seasons (but for another team). I don't think that's in store for Gronk though because he has two things Francis never had - championship rings and close to $60 million in career earnings. People with those things in hand don't need to return to prove anything.

Gronk will be remembered both as the greatest TE to ever play the game but also as a great person. The amount of charity work Gronk quietly did over the years (especially for children) would be almost impossible to properly document.

The playful teammate will also be greatly missed. My guess is you'll see many "Gronk spikes" after TD's next season in tribute. I for one can't wait to see what outfit he picks out for this year's Kentucky Derby. 

Robert Kraft's and Bill Belichick statements on Gronk's decision to retire

Tom E. Curran has a nice appreciation of Gronk's decision to retire.

The Boston Herald's Kevin Duffy has a nice appreciation of Gronk's decision to retire

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

One of Johnny's more underappreciated gems.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Interesting - 10 things I learned while teaching myself to code.

- Heh Heh

- The difference between behavior and intention

- Turns out that sound waves carry mass. "It is simply a fraction of the total mass of the system that travels with the wave, being displaced from one place to another." Sounds like Pilot Wave Theory on a Newtonian scale.

- How not to be stupid. It is helpful to constantly remind yourself that stupidity is "overlooking or dismissing conspicuously crucial information." Put another way - if you are not consciously present in the moment you are greatly increasing your chances of being stupid. (I know I've posted this article before but this is one of those pieces of advice that should be revisited from time to time)

- And speaking of stupidity

- Bruins Noel Acciari delivered a pummeling last night

This Week (and a Half) in Musk World

The big news from Tesla, of course, was the unveiling of the Model Y crossover SUV which Fortune Magazine suggests may be a "game -changer".  The Model Y compares very favorable to even the top crossover SUV's like the Porche Maycan.

That was hardly the only news as Tesla announced a new customer referral program which they rolled out this week. It also looks like there might be a tow package in store for future Model 3's and Y's. Meanwhile in the shorter term the new firmware update announced two weeks ago which will increase Model 3 power by about 5% (increasing top speed by 7 mph) is now available. Cool.

Lots of cool positive things going on at Tesla but if you read this review from Consumer Reports you would think things are doom and gloom. I know I'm an Elon Musk fanboy but this sort of biased reporting bugs me. How can I trust Consumer Reports on a laptop recommendation when I see obvious bias on something I pay close attention to? Clearly a case of Gell-Mann Amnesia.

As Consumer Reports points out  maintenance and repair of EV's in general are an issue but to help address this Tesla has announced a new college course which it will be utilizing at six North American colleges to train EV technicians.  Tesla may want to partner with some European colleges as well as the Model 3 has quickly become the top selling EV in Western Europe.

Over at SpaceX - American rockets launching from American soil. Elon Musk confirms that SpaceX rockets will be built in Texas and Florida.

SpaceX's Starship undergoing some serious tests this week. Remember that the goal of SpaceX is to get to Mars but landing heavy payloads on Mars will not be easy. Successfully getting the SpaceX Starship to Mars may be the easy part when compared to landing on Mars.

In other news - a very valid question - what exactly is Tesla's strategy with solar? Elon Musk said at the Model Y unveiling that "this is definitely going to be the year of the Solar Roof and Powerwall."  Since many of the Solar Roof customers seem to also be Tesla car customers - maybe they should institute a new customer referral program that packages both car and solar products? Maybe that's in the works and why Tesla reversed course in closing their product showrooms?

One last thing - this is pretty mind-blowing especially when you remember that Elon Musk is only 47-years old and far from finished.

Saturday, March 23, 2019


In anticipation for the new Deadwood movie - I've started re-watching the series (again).

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Something fishy seems to be going on in the case against Robert Kraft. From the outside it seems prosecutors are really pushing for him to take a plea deal and publicly threatening to release video of him of he does not. You have to wonder if the prosecutors are trying to force a plea deal because they know their "evidence" may not be admissible. Supposedly the video in question has not been shared with Kraft's attorneys. Seems fishy to me... Yesterday was the anniversary of the scariest thing I've ever seen in sports... I double dog dare any reporter to ask Bill Belichick at his next press conference if he's ever been to an Asian spa... Very cool... Does Florida have a "revenge porn" law? If the video of Kraft is released and Kraft is not found guilty of any charges I really hope his legal team goes after the Sheriff under that law (and any other way they can)... So Bloomberg is going to be banned from Twitter for this Tweet - right? Or are there two sets of rules?... Mr. Clean and the Ammonia Mafia would be a good name for a band...

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Sam Harris on wisdom from Tin Ferris great book Tools of Titans.

Let's Talk Some Politics

Interesting article/rebuttal about Why Upstate New York Feels Unwelcome in Its Own State.

New York City has the wealth and provides the entertainment not just for the rest of the State but for much of the country. What does "Upstate" New York offer? Well how about the food, the electric power and the natural beauty/resources just to start. The whole things gives off a Hunger Games feel. 

In Panem - Capital City also had the wealth and the entertainment (in the form of the Hunger Games) while the Districts each provided their own distinct contributions.Fish, electricity, coal, food, etc.

The big difference is in the fictional world Capital City had the military power while in real life - it is the residents of Upstate NY that are armed. Makes you wonder if that's a psychological underpinning of residents of Capital New York City being such ardent advocates of gun control while the Upstate residents are such "bitter clingers."

It's true in New York State and it's true in much of the rest of the country. Who knew that Suzanne Collins was such a big MAGA supporter?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Nightmares come in many shapes and forms.

Some people's nightmares are made of creatures like this.

Other's dreams are haunted by monsters like this.

At my age - most of my nightmares involve me needing to go to the bathroom.

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- New evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis. Not exactly news for anyone who's listened to Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan's podcast.

- Seeking the Productive Life by Stephen Wolfram. Long read but interesting look at the life and technology hacks of one of technology's best known names.

- David Simon with a little inside baseball on how things work in Hollywood

- Interesting look at how Montana tamed the beast of high medical insurance costs.

- A conservative's wet dream

- Can Alzheimer's be detected decades before onset?

Happy Birthday to Bobby Orr

Happy 71st birthday to #4 Bobby Orr. Not only one of the 3 greatest hockey players in history but arguable the greatest MAN to play hockey.

Here's a reminder of the type of person Robert Gordon Orr is.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I'm tired of people calling the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament "the Big Dance". Let's call it what it really is - the NBA pre-draft combine... This is fascinating to watch... Also that time of year again to once again remind people that "physicality" according the the American Heritage dictionary is not a freaking word! I wish sports announcers would stop using that non-word... Dean Martin was the epitome of cool... Is Villanova the only team that is abbreviated by using the end of the name instead of the beginning? Nova. Which in Spanish means "no go". Do you really want to bet on a team that's a no go?... Heh Heh... I haven't filled out a bracket in over a decade. Biggest waste of time of the sports year. You always regret doing it... 

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Q: How come mankind was never able to leave the bonds of Earth? A: Space Herpes

- The NBA was tougher back in the day

- This article does a good job explaining the popularity of Trump among the Republican base.

- Are we still doing phrasing?

- This doctor should go to prison for life. But first all his assets should be sold and split among the kids he created.

- Roger Daltrey is the man

- Wait - Charlie Hunnam is the man

The Return of the Husband

From the archives of American Digest.