Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"No More" Hot Pockets

Sometimes an idea just stays with you and you have to write it down to free up your brain. The other day I mentioned it would be funny if the NFL's domestic violence "No More" commercial was about Hot Pockets instead. I keep thinking about how that commercial would look.

"No more moving slow because you just ate one an hour ago."
"No more regret because you shamefully ate one."
"No more drunk or living in a trailer dietary excuses."
"No more dirty microwaves and lava hot fillings."
"No more destroyed roof of your mouth."
"No more self inflicted diarrhea."

The commercial would end with a cut away to Jim Gaffigan with a single tear coming down his face (just like the Indian in the 1970's littering commercial). The great thing is you'd never actually mention Hot Pockets by name but with Gaffigan at the end - everyone would know the joke.

No more.

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