Friday, May 26, 2017

Top 5 - John Wayne Movies

Today would have been the Duke's 110th birthday. here are what I consider his top 5 movies.

1. True Grit
2. The Quiet Man
3. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
4. Red River
5. (tie) Rooster Cogburn (tie) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Missing the list are both The Shootist (a sentimental favorite of mine since it was his last movie) and The Searchers (because I still haven't seen it). 


  1. Donovan's Reef?
    They were expendable?

  2. Donovan's Reef was a vacation film. When Lee Marvin was offered the role by John Ford Marvin asked to see the script. Ford told him not to bother that it was going to be great fun in the Pacific and Marvin signed on the spot.

    I would ave loved to put Blazing Saddles on the list. John Wayne was offered the Slim Pickens role by Mel Brooks but even though Wayne LOVED the script - he had to turn it down.

  3. You really need to see The Searchers

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    The Green Berets was my favorite movie of all time. It came out when I was a kid and I've watched it a million times....