Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birther Politics

Donald Trump is still stalking about President Obama being born in Kenya. As Jim Treacher points out - that's a lie. Obama was born in Hawaii.

The meme got me thinking though. The reason this may not go away is because somebody knows something. My guess is that this has to do with Obama not releasing his college transcripts. Could it be that Obama went to college as a "foreign exchange" student or had his tuition paid under the impression he was from Kenya? Some old college admissions person probably vividly remembers something.

Now it could be that Obama is not releasing his transcripts because of bad grades (which wouldn't be a shocker either). But what if Obama received some scholarship meant for foreign born students?

I'm not a conspiracy theory guy in general but Occam's razor would seem to point to Obama not releasing his transcripts for one of two reasons A: the grades were disappointing or B: he has something to hide. Would either answer surprise you?