Saturday, February 14, 2015

My New Religion

The other day I was giving my son a ride and I saw a sign out of the corner of my eye that said "Boundless Way Zen Center". The thing is my mind read it as "Roundless Way Zen Center" - so I asked my son what those people had against circles. Of course he informed me that the sign said "Boundless" but I kept thinking "Roundless" would be better.

I kept thinking of it so much that I decided a "Roundless Way Zen Religion" needed to exist. Here are the three major precepts of my new religion.

1. We would adhere to all the established teachings of Zen Buddhism such as the poet Basho's "a donut with no hole is a Danish". Etc.
2. The Roundless Way is not just mindful meditation but also exercise.  Every time you feel like you are getting a little too round around the middle its time to get off the couch and out for some real world exercise. Hiking, swimming, chopping wood, or going to the gym - it doesn't matter. Just don't let the round around the middle get the better of you. A healthy body is part of having a happy mind.
3. If you find yourself going in circles in life - stop and change directions. The Roundless Way says that life is too short to get into ruts.

I think I could really expand this philosophy. What do you think?


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