Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Two thoughts I've had regarding all the talk about vaccinations recently.

First - I keep thinking about how a conversation with parents from 100-years ago would go. I think it would go something like this:

Me: Hi I'm from the future and in the future we have vaccinations that have basically wiped out childhood diseases like Measles and Polio.
Parents from 100-years ago: How miraculous. How glorious it must be for parents to be freed from the worry of their children dying from Measles or being permanently crippled by things like Polio.
Me: Yeah but the thing is some parents don't get their kids vaccinated.
Parents from 100-years ago: Why would they do that? Do the shots cost millions and only the rich can afford them?
Me: No the shots are very affordable and in most cases don't cost anything. And in many cases the parents who don't get their kids vaccinated are very affluent.
Parents from 100-years ago: Really? Then what's the excuse? Don't these parents love their children?
Me: Well they say they do but I think they like the smug feeling of thinking they are smarter than everyone else better.
Parents from 100-years ago: How smug are they going to feel when their kid dies from something that could have been easily prevented? Fuck those people.
Me: Yeah - fuck those people.

Second - would it be possible to make letting your child be injured by a childhood disease that could have been prevented by vaccinations a felony? Don't get me wrong - I don't want these parents to go to jail. But I would like these stupid fucks to lose their right to vote. The idea of an anti-vaxxer cancelling out my vote makes me kind of sick.

Too bad there's no vaccination for stupid.

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